(Formerly Moolah for Schoolah)

The whole month of March...


Visit participating Kent Station businesses

(Click here for a list of participating businesses)

find the Gator selfie poster

(Click here for an example of the selfie poster)

take a selfie with the poster 

click here to EMAIL your selfies

to gator@kentstation.com


AND you can also

POST your selfies on 

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with #gatorKS

1. Tell us what business your selfie was taken at.

2. Each email and each social media post = an entry to win prizes (the more emails and posts, the more chances you have to win!).

3. Prizes are $25, $50 and $100 Kent Station gift cards and the grand prize is a $500 Kent Station gift card!!

4. Winners will be picked and announced on April 5th.

5. Click here to join us on the Facebook event page

WHY? What is this for?

For every one of your emails and posts - Kent Station businesses will donate $1 to the Green River College scholarship program! So your selfie fun will mean more scholarships for students going to Green River College! #howcoolisthat

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