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WE ARE NO LONGER SELLING KENT STATION GIFT CARDS. The gift card company made so many changes that it just isn't feasible anymore. Plus the gift cards themselves haven't kept up with technology (no chips, etc - meaning some businesses can't even run them on their point of sale). 


Many of our Kent Station businesses have their own gift cards so please stop by your (or your recipient's) favorite business and purchase a gift card directly from them!


The gift cards that have been purchased ARE still valid and they work at most of our businesses.


CLICK HERE for a list of businesses that accept our gift cards. 

Details about the cards that are out there:


The cards do NOT expire but after 12 months of inactivity, a monthly Account Maintenance Fee (AMF) kicks in. As long as the card is being used there is no AMF. The 12 months starts over each time a card is used. 

If you have any issues, please email:

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Terms and Conditions Your Gift Card is subject to Terms and Conditions. A copy of the Terms and Conditions may be obtained from the service representative or by clicking the link below. The Terms and Conditions include a maintenance fee. Except where prohibited or to the extent permitted by law, a nonrefundable monthly maintenance fee in the amount of $2.50 will be assessed commencing on the first day after one year of inactivity. There is no gift card activation fee and no monthly maintenance fee for the period of twelve months following the initial purchase of your gift card. Questions For questions regarding Kent Station Gift Cards, please contact the Kent Station Management Office at 253.856.2301, Monday – Friday, 8:30 am to 5 pm, or via email at

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