"Running out of gas is inconvenient. Running out of blood is deadly. Bloodworks Northwest reports the local blood supply is running on fumes, while patient needs for Group O blood types and platelets are at their highest, and appealing to the community to donate blood now and throughout the summer. Bloodworks is at less than a single day supply of O Positive and O Negative – the two types required most for emergencies in trauma centers across the Pacific Northwest."


Local blood supply is at a dangerously low level and Bloodworks is urgently asking for your help. Please consider making an appointment today.

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Dates keep being added so please

come back often!

We are hosting blood drives in the space across from Windermere 

in partnership with Bloodworks Northwest who shared:

“In recent weeks we’ve noticed a decline in blood donations due to vaccine recipients thinking they are NOT eligible to donate – this is not true and we’re working to reverse that trend”


  • Patient usage is 5% above normal usage recently resulting in close to 700 additional units needed

  • Donations have decreased by 12% in the same time period which resulted in collecting 400 units below what we would normally expect

  • Our community’s blood supply is currently 1400 units below operational levels.  We have less than a 24 hour supply for most blood types.

  • Our Type O Positive supply is currently 800 units below operational levels leaving us with less than a 24 hour supply

  • Our Type A Positive supply is currently 500 units below operational levels leaving us with less than a 24 hour supply

If you make an appointment -- PLEASE come! No-shows really mess things up...

No walks-ins, guests or people under 16 are permitted to come in. Social distancing protocols in place

+ please wear a mask


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As a Thank You for donating,

Blood donors can enjoy discounts

at some of our Kent Station businesses:

Togo's Sandwiches, Duke's Seafood

& Johnny Rockets