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  1. The Sanitizing Experts at FIKES will be providing a regular and state-of-the-art disinfectant service that effectively coats and protects all surfaces in the building making anything you touch inhospitable to harmful microbes!

  2. No touch foaming hand sanitizer stations placed at the entrance, exit and near the photographer's station for increased hand protection

  3. We have brand new air filters in the HVAC system plus four air purifiers in the space

  4. Janitor will clean daily plus wipes available for assistant to wipe down surfaces as needed

  5. Face masks required – families/members of the same household can take them off once posed for the quick photo. We know that people have lots of opinions and feelings about wearing masks -- trust us, we get it! But we are big fans of following the law so please help us help you and please be kind to our staff and please, please -- make Santa proud by just going along with the whole mask thing regardless of your personal beliefs. Thank you!

  6. Photographer will always wear a facemask and will be in an area separated from families

  7. ​Santa is behind the wall of the Santa house and will be standing right behind plexiglass in the doorway so he won't need to wear a mask! Please be sure to speak loudly so Santa can hear your sweet wishes and messages!

  8. Assistant will always wear a facemask and will stand outside/in the entry way (depending on weather) to greet customers who are coming for their appointment. Please don't enter until the assistant says you can.

    • Families wait outside 6’ apart from the next family in line (assuming more than one family will come early for their appointment time)

    • Families can hang their coats/lay things on a table in the entry way - the table will be sanitized between each family

  9. Family stands in front of/around Santa doorway – photographer explains where/how they should pose without any physical contact

    • Facemasks can come off once you are on Santa's front porch.

    • Then it's time to visit with Santa! (Remember, please speak loudly -- Santa isn't getting any younger ;)

    • There is a small mail slot in the plexiglass door for kids to insert their wish list for Santa

    • There will be a mailbox outside for kids to leave letters to Santa anytime!

  10. Next family is allowed in to take coats, etc off and wait until the current family is walking to the exit (assistant will facilitate this)

    • There will be pipe and drape down the middle

    • Families will never be near each other

  11. Families/households up to 6 peopleTo help with social distancing -- please only come with the people who will be in the photo(s), including a parent/guardian for kids of courseAdditional friends and family please wait outside. 


And here's the most important thing of all -- if anyone in your group/family doesn't feel well then PLEASE click here to contact us to reschedule or get a refund. We will 1. give a 100% refund if that's what you choose or 2. do everything we possibly can to help you reschedule. Please, please, do NOT come if someone is sick. 

Thank you!

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